The Ultimate Online Blackjack Guide

By 21 January 2021

The history of blackjack dates back to the 16th century. The modern version of the game was derived from a popular Spanish game called 21. Blackjack is among the easiest games you can play at a casino even though it may look complicated at the first try. In this article, we'll explain how online blackjack is played. Visit to find the best casinos featuring online blackjack.


Understanding the Game's Objective

The objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer's hand. Blackjack is played with a deck of cards. If you can have a total value of cards that is more than what the dealer has but without going above 21, then you'll win. Note that if your hand goes above 21, you will lose the game round no matter what the value of the dealer's card is.

If you have exactly cards with total value of 21, it is called blackjack and you win the game unless the dealer also has 21. To get started playing blackjack, the first thing you have to do is to place your preferred bet. Every blackjack game has its table limit which specifies the minimum and maximum bets you are allowed to place.

Dealing the Cards

After placing your bets on the blackjack table, the dealer will deal you two initial cards from the deck. Additionally, the dealer will also issue two cards to himself. Depending on the blackjack variation, the cards may be dealt face up or face down. However, one of the dealer's cards is always face down. You will then need to proceed with the game based on the available actions.

Unlike poker where players can fold their hands after receiving cards, there is no fold option in blackjack. The regular options available in blackjack includes Hit, Split, Stand and Double Down. Each option has precisely what it is used for and we will explain them in the next section. The regular playing options in blackjack is the same regardless of the variation.

Blackjack Playing Options

The most used option in blackjack is Hit. This option serves just one purpose, and that is to request an extra card from the dealer of the game. You can use this option to increase your card values close to 21. Stand option is used not to receive an additional card in blackjack. This is used if your hand has high values already and you don't want to burst.

The Double Down option, otherwise called Double Up in some blackjack variant, is used by players to increase their initial wager by 2x. This option allows you to maximize returns from a good hand. Split option in online blackjack is available to players when the 2 cards they were dealt is a pair. The option allows you to separate the pair into two hands.

Learn Online Blackjack for Free

If you want to learn how to play blackjack, the best way is to start playing the free versions of the game online. Playing the free versions will give you the opportunity to test and practice the moves of the game. It will also help you develop a strategy which you can use to boost your chances of winning while playing the game.